Gas Turbine Air Inlet Filter

USHA Gas turbine filters are characterised by their superior filtration properties. The synthetic and Cellous media is progressively constructed, which makes for a high particle interception level. This guarantee low pressure drop and reduced energy consumption. USHA Gas turbine filters are available in the range of (F8, F9)

Large surface area
High dust holding capacity and retention capacity
Long filter life time
Low energy consumption

• Electricity generation Power Plants

Technical Specification

Type Conical / Cylindrical
Frame Galvanized steel / SS 304 / Zin coated
 Separators Holt melt
Sealant 2 component polyurethane / Epoxy
Filter Media Cellulose and polyester (80/20) optional with nano fiber coating / PP
Gasket Optional - Neoprene rubber gasket / EPDM Foam gasket / Food grade gasket
Filter Class As per EN779:2012, SAE J726 / ARAMCO 32- AMSS -08
Air Flow 1100 CFM (As per the size of filter and velocity through which air passes)
Filter Efficiency More than 99.7% with AC Fine test dust
More than 99.9% with AC Coarse test dust
(NaCl capture efficiency more than
IPD Less than 25 mm wg
FPD Maximum 100 mm wg per set