Pad Filter

Glass Fibres placed and bonded in Graduated density (from coarser on up stream side to finer on downstream side) these pads are duly sprayed with aerosol thicxotrofic Gel (dust binding agent).

POLYESTER Fibers bonded in a uniform non-woven structure. Disposal Filter Pd with graded density, duly wetted with binding agent, increase the dust holding capacity and providea longer life.

• Gas Turbines inlet Air Filtration system.
• Heating and Ventilating system system
• Industrial Application inculuding Machines, Fans And Motors.
• Paints Shops /Kitchens.

Dimensions 610 x 610 x 25 mm
610 x 610 x 50 mm
610 x 610 x 75 mm
610 x 610 x 100 mm
Operating Temp Upto 100 °C
Operating Humidity Upto 100% R.H
Face Velocity 2.5m/sec.
Intial P 4mm WG to 10 WG as per thickness
Test-Method ASHRAE 52-76/BS-6540/DIN 24185